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Vinyl Sheet Dubai:

Vinyl flooring is a solid plastic covering sheet that consists of several layers: a base, a protective layer of fiberglass, texture and a good finishing touch. The stability of vinyl sheets depends on the width of the layer and the material of the substrate.

Visual Opportunities: Vinyl sheets are available in many colors and designs, These are available and can mimic other floor coverings such as tiles, hardwoods etc. Even flawless and unique designs are possible.

Easy to Maintain: Vinyl flooring is very easy to maintain. Regular cleaning and quick washing with detergents and washer made of vinyl flooring look fabulous is enough.

Placement: This type of floor can be placed anywhere in your home, even in wet areas. But it always looks good everywhere.

Details: Vinyl is available in a variety of sizes ranging from 1 to 3.5 mm and 2, 3 and 4 meters wide.

Vinyl flooring Rolls:

Vinyl flooring is a cheap but elegant and beautiful solution that looks good on your floor. This flooring comes in both options in rolls and in tiles. This type of flooring has many advantages:

 Large Range of Colors and Designs: If you want to imitate and hardwood or laminate look and feel like natural materials such as wood, stone or clay, or if you want a design that is only possible with new printing technology, vinyl flooring suggestion is available with the widest range of designs and colors in any category.

Concurrent floor of the house: Compared to other heavy and expensive high floors, it is easier and cheaper to stand on the floor for longer periods of time. Comfortable vinyl sheets suitable for kids and flexible combinations for adults.

Under-footprovide resistance: This flooring provides comfortable resistance and grip under the feet.

Low Maintenance: Vinyl requires less care compared to other flooring options.

You can’t absorb Water: Vinyl sheet does not absorb fluids, making it suitable for any room in the house, especially toilets and kitchens.

Can be applied anywhere: Vinyl can be applied below, floor or above ground floor in most parts (except carpet). Vinyl sheet is 6 ‘or 12’ (1.8 m or 3.6 m) wide, making the installation with an uneven look.

Sound-absorbing effect: Able to reduce noise.

Cold Prevention: These sheets provide a comfortable and calm atmosphere in the room.

Wood Vinyl flooring Rolls:

These Vinyl Rolls have made a place in the commercial market with all its popularity. Today, everyone knows about Vinyl Rolls and many want to embrace this flooring because it is less expensive.

Production process: While each manufacturer has its own unique structure for producing vinyl floor sheets, in its basic form, the product is made using elements in vinyl resin, such as plasticizers, stabilizers, pigments, and fillers. Our employees work hard in the factory to make the best type of Vinyl Rolls.

Vinyl Rolls can be explained in the following type:

  • Solid Vinyl: this particular type of vinyl sheet contains high vinyl content • this is a pure Vinyl form.
  • Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT): this type of tile has a high number of additives and fillers. It was first made by Chicago.
  • The texture of the material in production determines whether vinyl Rolls are subject to modification, leading to a choice depending on whether a given sheet is suitable for installation in the bathroom, door, or basement.

In VCT, for example, manufacturers complete a layer of printed design made with a rotogravure printing process. This design layer is what gives vinyl floor sheet those beautiful designs, prints, colors and brightness, making it beautiful and attractive. It is also in VCT that manufacturers are withholding the top layer of “wear”, in order to tolerate heavy vehicle control.

Although Vinyl floor is a low way to lay down. This is appropriate way to add carpeting floors in your homes and shops and in offices. Vinyl floor sheets do not require wax removal.

Wood vinyl flooring :

Features of Vinyl Floor Tiles: These Rolls are called “Strength Rolls”. These Rolls often fall back on any influence and weight they are exposed to, be it feet or a steady load. A few other notable features of this product are as follows:

Variety of designs: Vinyl floor can mimic the look and feel of wood or ceramic flooring, but at a much lower cost than the more expensive ones. It is very easy to cut these Vinyl Rolls and give them any shape; so the floor can be twisted into a drawing and drawing art.

Use business: In addition company logos can be printed on the floor with vinyl floor Rolls. Directional signs can be filled to the ground using this product. The list of uses for these Vinyl Rolls does not end as you imagine.

Hardship: Vinyl floor sheet with thick enough layers can withstand the most tedious pressure of traffic and heavy weight. Their resistance to color and moisture makes them an ideal solution for installation in areas such as the basement, kitchen or bathroom

Warning: These Vinyl sheet Rolls need to prevent exposure to sunlight.

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